How to Power Up Your Intuition

How to Power Up Your Intuition

Have you ever had the experience of knowing that you know something so strongly even though you have no idea how or why you know it? Maybe when the phone would ring, especially before caller ID, you just knew who was calling before you answered. Believe it or not, we all have natural intuitive abilities. It’s been scientifically proven that we all inherently have intuitive abilities.

Intuition looks different for everyone. It may feel like a divine connection with God and the angels. For others it may be that sense of knowing, a gut feeling and knowing what you need to do. And for still others it is the guidance they receive through a reading and following it without question. These are all forms of intuition and there is no right or wrong answer of what intuition is but everyone has it in some form.

Comparing your intuition skills to anyone else’s is not necessary. Your skills are tuned in to you just as other’s skills are tuned in to them. Your unique intuitional skills are your connection to Source. As you begin to recognize the stepping stones of your abilities it will lead to a bigger space of understanding and trusting in the messages you receive.

So how do you recognize the messages you are receiving? There are four methods for receiving intuitive messages, and you may have 1 or more of these currently. As you become more intuitively tuned in you may develop your other senses of receiving messages. These channels correlate with the senses and each of the four channels incorporates one of four of the senses of feeling, seeing, hearing and thinking.

Clairsentience or clear feeling is the most prevalent of the clairs and involves physical and emotional feelings. The clairsentient is tuned into the energy surrounding them and can react accordingly. Their body will be in a relaxed state when the vibrations surrounding them are high such as vibrations of love. When the vibrations are low coming from fear or anger, the body will tense and react appropriately and respond either in fight, flight or freeze mode, all which are meant to be protective.

Clairsentients may get the feeling of who’s calling before they actually call, get a gut feeling about someone that turns out to be true, can sense the presence of another person even though they may not be able to see them or even be able to smell a familiar scent of someone who is deceased.

Clairvoyance or clear seeing means that you are perceptive with your physical site and you receive divine messages visually. A clairvoyant is able to translate energies into visual symbols and messages. The range of visual images can be as complex as a 3 dimensional vision or as simple as seeing sparkling lights.

Clairvoyant’s may have dreams that become reality, see something moving out of the corner of their eye even when nothing is there, and even see full dimensional figures. Clairvoyants do not have to see images with open eyes, some may be when their eyes are closed or may even just be visual colors. A clairvoyant is not necessarily a psychic as a psychic may have visual perception but it may not be the primary way they receive messages.

Clairaudience or clear hearing means that you hear Source and angels speak directly to you. Clairaudients often feel as though they are having a conversation with someone very dear to them. The voice can feel external like a soft whisper in your ear or it may be an internal voice in your mind. Divine messages are always loving and positive.

Clairaudient’s can be sensitive to loud noises. Music is often very profound for them and certain songs and genres of music bring them messages. They tend to honor their sensitivities and maintain a quieter environment. They thrive on positive communication and prefer not to gossip because of the lower vibration associated with it.

Claircognizance or clear thinking often means you receive messages or downloads that connect you with knowing that you know. Their divine guidance comes through messages that are sent by spirit. This is what they refer to as “knowing that they know”. Their biggest downfall is not sharing the information they receive and their incredible wisdom stays hidden.

Claircognizant’s will often know how to do something complicated without ever having received prior instruction, they may know information about a person when they first meet them or have million dollar ideas that come to them “out of the blue”. A claircognizant must trust their knowingness and realize that oftentimes the information downloaded to them could change humanity for the good.

As your intuition develops which could be early on in life or later, your sensory experiences are signs of your developmental stages of your intuition. Allow yourself to fully experience each message that comes to you and how it comes to you. Paying attention will show you how your intuition is developing. All the clairs may develop or just 1 or 2, the important piece is to pay attention and know that this is normal. As you process how information and messages come in, you will realize which of your gifts are developing.

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