Wisdom To My Younger Self

Wisdom To My Younger Self

As I sit here on the fringe of my 50’s, I often think of what wisdom I would have imparted on my younger self. When I was in my 20’s, I thought I had the world at my feet and knew all there was to know to create a life of happiness and fulfillment. I had fragments of dreams in my head and all of them seemed possible. In this letter are bits of wisdom I would share with my younger self if I could…

Dear Jill,

Here you are on the verge of your 21st birthday, rather than planning a wedding, take a trip to wherever your heart desires and begin the journey of your life! What you think is going to be til death do us part will last about 6 months. You have opportunity to not look back with heartache wondering what went wrong, regretting getting married too young, and instead create memories that you can share with your children and grandchildren for a lifetime. Leave no stone unturned in your life and know that you saw as much of the beauty of this incredible world we live in!

Travel often and steep yourself in all the rich experiences you can. Life does not allow you to take material possessions with you when you leave this physical place but memories, stories and experiences can be passed on and your legacy will live far beyond your earthly presence. Learn about new cultures, taste all the flavors that are waiting for your taste buds and enjoy everything this world we live in has to offer. Continuously be planning your next adventure and fill up every passport with stamps.

While you sit here pondering why you are about to graduate nursing school stop for a moment and think about what makes you happy. Somewhere in this life, someone created this idea that by the time you graduate high school you should know what you want to do for the rest of your life. In reality, with the limited life experience you have at 17, it is unlikely that you will know what you want to do next weekend let alone for the rest of your life.

Be patient with yourself and get out of your head. Passion is generated from the heart and not from the head. We have many years to work in our life, make your work something you love to do every day and it won’t be work, it will be your mission and vision. Great things are created by those who follow their passion rather than the voice in their head. If you find that something is calling to you, check it out, sit with it and see what comes to fruition. If something is not feeling aligned for you, don’t go there! It’s like sticking a fork in an electrical socket, sooner or later the shock of doing something that isn’t right is going to sting you.

You are about to bring your daughter into this world, this is an incredible moment! The timing wasn’t what you expected but a miracle is happening right now. Embrace motherhood with open arms, let go of all the advice and “words of wisdom” from everyone around you. This is your moment to make a difference in the best thing that ever happened for you. Your daughter is your legacy. She not only carries on your genetics but even bigger she carries on the example you were in her life.

She will grow up fast and those moments of innocence will be gone forever. When she asks for your time and attention realize that these moments are like gold, take them in, fully experience them and help her to know that her mom was part of her life. Time is only a concept and so therefore there is always time to read a story, play Barbies, curl her hair and do all the fun things that mother’s and daughters should experience together. You will never get the time back but the two of you will have memories of cherished time together. Life is short, take time to play, laugh and bring out your five year old self on demand.

Finally when it comes to love, have no regrets! You were given a heart for more than pumping the blood and oxygen through your body. Your heart is the life center of your body and it is meant to love hard as much as pump life to the body. When you cheat yourself and others from your love, you are depriving them of life. Never pass up an opportunity to love someone.

There is never enough love in this world to go around. When we choose to generate love we contribute to raising the vibrational level in this world. Your heart will not break from loving too hard. You may experience pain from loss but when you come from a space of love and choosing to focus your love out, you invite more love in for your heart to be filled up and heal. This constant exchange allows your heart to grow in it’s ability to love. Always love big, love hard and love without regret.

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