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Jill and Penny met through the Fitlife plan.  Jill was just beginning her coaching career and Penny was looking for answers in her life.  

The two spent about 6 months coaching together and creating a friendship that would take them far beyond nutrition and mindset.  When Jill began officially working for Fitlife.tv she made an easy choice to bring Penny on as her coworker.  Jill and Penny forged a beautiful, collaborative working relationship.  

When the program was eliminated in fall of 2016, Jill invited Penny on a new journey.  Together they created InHeartFlow.com.  

Through this journey they both discovered talents in intuition and the spiritual realm.  They are now working together to provide guidance and spiritual elevation through intuitive readings and creating transformational programs for their community.

Meet the Team

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Jill Straughan, RN, BSN, FTC

Co-Founder of InHeartFlow.com

Jill began her career as a Registered Nurse. In 2013, she got the opportunity to begin her own transformational journey to optimal health after a knee injury. Housebound for two years with multiple surgical procedures, she discovered a program that was based on whole food nutrition, juicing and mindset change. After an 80 pound weight loss, Jill began to coach the program herself and in 2015 relocated to San Diego, California becoming the Coaching Director for Fitlife.

Following her passion for coaching, Jill found success and fulfillment in assisting clients to reach their health and fitness goals. In fall of 2016, an opportunity to attend Ascension Leadership Academy came to be and the journey to leadership through emotional intelligence empowerment began. During her course it became clear to her that it was time to build upon all of her experience and her company, InHeartFlow was born.

Jill gets the privilege of working with her very dear friend, Penny Rosina, as they are co-founders of InHeartFlow, a company dedicated to "Creating leaders in life, love and legacy" through elevational life coaching and intuitive readings and soul healing practices.

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Penny Rosina, FTCm, RMT


A fateful car accident brought Penny’s career as a road warrior healthcare IT consultant to an abrupt halt. Penny traveled all over the US coding, building, and teaching electronic medical record systems for hospitals. Her left leg was severely injured in the accident and in vain she sought help from doctors in an attempt to regain the use of her leg. That’s when she discovered the Fitlife program, and Jill Smart, who was to become not only her coach but an amazing friend and future business partner at InHeartFLow.

Penny has been an Usui Reiki Master Teacher for over 20 years. Her training was in Toronto, Canada and the linage can be traced back to Mikao Usui, who was the founder of the spiritual practice known as Reiki. Because Penny has traveled extensively, most of her Reiki clients are friends and acquaintances who love and request to receive long distance Reiki Healing sessions from her.

When Penny and Jill discovered they had similar intuitive gifts, they decided to pool their intuitive resources and InHeartFlow was their creation. Their goal is to help everyone find the right path for themselves and to help heal the world where they can.

Penny is also a writer and photographer, with a published book to her credit.

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